Supporting Veterans
Jun 2018

Kingsbury Watch Co., is pleased to announce they have teamed up with Mission 22, an organization that works to aide veterans suffering from PTSD and other combat related injuries. According to a Department of Veterans Affairs study, each day, over 20 veterans take their own lives. Mission 22 offers veterans proven treatment programs that help to deal with TBI and PTSD.  

Starting in June, 2018 - Kingsbury Watch Co. will donate 20% of the net proceeds from the sale of the MS1 Military Watch Set directly to Mission 22.

This funding will help Mission 22 create and run their treatment programs. To learn more about this organization please visit them at: If you are a veteran or know a veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries or PTSD, you can to let them know there is organization that will stand with them. If you would like to donate, you can also do so through the website.

The MS1 Military Watch Set Features:

- 2 x Chronograph watches in silver and black
- 2 x Additional NATO watch straps
- Special edition military crate watch box
- Unique serial numbered dog tag


To purchase an MS1 Military Watch set please visit our online store.