"Monaco" Handmade Leather Watch Strap (Bronze)


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The “Monaco” is a beautifully hand crafted watch strap, inspired by motorsports. These vintage rally style straps are hand cut and hand stitched from vintage oiled leather. The oil treated leather has undergone intense nourishing treatments and is soft, flexible and durable. This process increases strength and water resistance, making it a great choice for watch straps due to its durability and stylish appearance.

These high-quality straps have a textured surface with perforated "air-flow" holes, accented stitching and a stainless steel buckle. Each Monaco strap will feature the convenience of Quick Release watch pins. This will allow for the removal or installation with the simplicity of pressing down a small tab located on the back of the strap - no tools required.


  • Sizes: 20MM, 22MM
  • Length: 115/75mm (for 22mm) & 115/75mm (for 20mm)
  • Material: Vintage Oiled Leather
  • Hardware: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Color: Yellowish Brown