The Military Supply 1 (MS1) Watch Collection, draws its inspiration from inside the cockpits of military aircraft. Climb into any gunship and you'll see an array of gauges and dials with simplistic, yet bold designs. We borrowed this look to create our beautiful, vintage looking timepieces.


You'll get not just one, but TWO high quality Seiko powered Chronograph watches, a unique military crate watch box, a limited edition serial numbered dog tag and 4 extra watch straps.

MS1 Watch Set

MS1 Watch Set Design

With its simple lines, clean dials and vintage looks, the MS1 was designed and developed over a period of 8 months. What you see now is the final result of many experiments with movements and components to bring you a refined, high quality watch at a price that can't be refused.

The MS1 was built to be the following:

  • Tough - Built solid, with high quality materials to get you through all the messy situations.
  • Reliable - With a trusted movement that can be powered for 3 years on one battery.
  • Minimal - A vintage look and feel inspired by mission critical military aircraft instruments.
  • Functional - An easy-to-view date function and chronograph seamlessly integrated into the design.
  • Value - Get a lot for a little. Having no middlemen allows us to build you premium timepieces for a minimal cost.

To ensure a sturdy build, we had to use stainless steel to forge the MS1 casing. With a thin bezel around the watch, we thought a 42mm diameter case (measured w/o the crown) would be the perfect size for any wrist. It's not oversized if you have a smaller wrist, and it's definitely not too small if your wrist is larger. With a total height of 10MM and a weight of 59 grams (with a nylon strap), it feels good on the wrist.

Protecting the face of the watch, you'll find scratch resistant sapphire glass. Coupled with the stainless steel case and backing, the combination gives this watch a water resistance of 5ATM which will be fine under water during showers and swims.

Powering the MS1 Watch Collection is the Seiko (TMI) VD51 Japanese quartz movement. It has a minute, hour and second hand, as well as a date function at the 3PM location. The date window has been carefully cut to ensure it can be read easily - no need to squint as you check to see what day it is. 

An added bonus to the Seiko VD51 is the chronograph function which has two dials to measure seconds and minutes. These are activated and reset by two pushers located on opposite sides of the crown. The movement can be powered up to 3 years on one battery (Sony battery included).

To complete the vintage military look on the MS1, we added a NATO style strap. These 22MM wide straps are made out of ballistic nylon, have stainless steel hardware and can be removed with little effort - no tools required. The MS1 Watch Set comes with 2 additional NATO straps to give you a nice combination of colors / looks.

MS1 Packaging

We carried the military theme right over to our packaging with a rustic wooden military crate. Inside each crate, two MS1 watches will sit, nestled on a burlap pillow. That’s right - each package will contain two watches - in two different color finishes with interchangeable NATO straps. So whether combat ready, in dress blues or civies, the MS1 allows you to style your timepiece according to your wardrobe.


Each MS1 Military Watch Set comes with a special embossed dog tag. This dog tag has a serial number that is unique to each watch set, it indicates the production run/series, the production year and the watch number.



Perhaps the major highlight, and what we’re most proud to announce, a percentage of sales from all MS1 Military watch sets will be donated to help support military veterans. We've partnered up with Mission 22, which is a great organization that helps veterans who are suffering from PTSD and other combat related injuries, to read more about it please click here. This is a worthy cause that deserves more attention and we’re proud to do our small part.